New! Bulk Lookalike Audience Creation

You can now create lookalike (LAL) audiences in bulk for your Facebook campaigns. 

Benefits: Users no longer need to create LAL audiences one by one. Now you can automatically create combinations of different locations and reach ranges in one go

What's different? 

  • Reach ranges: You can now specify a minimum and maximum range for reach (i.e. audience of 1-2%)
  • Automatic Naming: No need to create names manually – names will get updated using macros which will vary by Source Type (i.e. Existing Audience, Facebook page)
  • Locations: You can now select multiple locations to include in one audience or split across multiple audiences
  • Audience queue:
    • You can view and review audiences you create here
    • You can also get reach estimate for each audience here

Watch this quick GIF to find out how to create LAL audiences in bulk. (Instructions are also available below).



  1. Go to Library and click Audiences
  2. Click on New Audiences and click on Lookalike Audience
  3. Pick from Existing Audiences, Facebook Page or Campaign/Ad Set Conversion for your source type
  4. Populate all the fields 
  5. In Bulk Options, You can create a unique audience for each location or group all your locations into one audience using Bulk Options
  6. In Locations, you can enter in multiple locations
  7. In the Reach field,  specify a reach range between 0% and 20% and create audiences with various ranges
  8. Click on "Queue Audiences"
  9. In the queue screen, you can go back to create more audiences using the Back button and use "Back to Queue" when you are ready to finish creating audiences. 


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