Best Practices: Creative Rotation

No more late nights and ridiculous-o-clock mornings! Since Facebook doesn't allow creative-level scheduling, one of our most popular rule types is using our date/time API integration to schedule creative based on the current time of day or day of week. 

Plan Ahead: Understand what Triggers are Available

Currently, we support two types of date/time triggers:

  • Current Time of Day (00:00, 00:30, 01:00... every 30 minutes of the 24-hour day)
  • Current Day of Week (Monday - Sunday)

These can be used in conjunction with each other, as well as any other trigger (e.g., weather condition, performance metric, etc.).

These both use the Rule Set's timezone, so make sure you know exactly which timezone you want to work in. 

Plan Ahead: Look at your Content Calendar 

Know in advance when you have creative that needs to be switched out, so you can configure your Rules in advance. 

Plan Ahead: Organize your Creative Assets

Make sure you can easily find the right assets to launch or switch out. We strongly recommend using naming conventions or Intel Tags to ensure the right creatives are being acted on. 

Rule Settings

  • Check your Rule flight dates to make sure it matches your content calendar.
  • Make sure your Rule Set timezone matches the timezone of your content calendar.
  • If your schedule falls on the half hour, set your Rule Frequency to check conditions every 30 minutes.
  • If your schedule falls on the hour, set your Rule Frequency to check conditions every 1 hour. 

Rule Logic

  • Activate based on Current Time of Day and/or Current Day of Week 
  • Use multiple Rule branches to create different trigger/action pairs
  • Match ads based on naming conventions, Intel Tags, or by selecting the actual Ads you want directly. 
  • Don't forget to create a counter rule to pause the ads you are replacing!


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