How does Rule Set priority work?

Priorities are used to safeguard against multiple Rules attempting to perform different things to the same campaigns/ad sets/ads. This only works across Rule Sets. The higher priority (1 = highest) Rule Set “wins”. If the Rules are in the same Rule Set, then all actions will be performed.

Let's take Scenario 1, where the following priorities have been set:

Priority (1) Rule Set A -> Rule 1: Activate Campaign X
Priority (2) Rule Set B -> Rule 2: Pause Campaign X

If conditions for both Rule 1 and Rule 2 evaluate to true, then Campaign X will be activated because it belongs to the higher priority Rule Set (Rule Set A). The system will not attempt to pause the campaign. 

Now, let's take Scenario 2, where both Rule 1 and Rule 2 are in the same Rule Set. Here, there is no effective priority:

Rule Set A -> Rule 1 -> Activate Campaign X
Rule Set A -> Rule 2 -> Pause Campaign X

In this scenario, if both Rule 1 and Rule 2 evaluate to true, the system will attempt to both activate and pause Campaign X.



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