Release Notes

  • Users can now add multiple accounts / advertisers under one Pinterest profile
  • Users can now edit campaigns, ad squads and ads in single and bulk mode in Snapchat Advanced Reporting
  • Users can now validate campaign performance by attaching 3rd party tracking URLs to ads in Snapchat ACT
  • Users can no longer exclude interests when setting interest-based targeting in Snapchat ACT
  • Users will only be able to Generate Creative when they have filled in all the required fields in Snapchat ACT
  • Fixed an error in Pinterest ACT where user couldn't save string values in Mobile Measurement campaign IDs
  • Fixed a backend bug that was preventing users from importing Facebook campaigns into Adparlor platform
  • Fixed an AR bug in Facebook and Instagram where report from "last 7 full days" was displaying results from last 8 days instead
  • Fixed a backend error that was preventing users from setting up new ad sets in Facebook ACT
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't bulk edit ad sets when pivoting by Placement in Facebook AR
  • Fixed an error in FB ACT and AR allowing users to change ad set budget from daily to lifetime without setting an end date
  • Fixed a display error in Snapchat ACT where user couldn't see the updated CTAs in ad preview
  • Fixed an error in Pinterest AR where "Generate API Call" wasn't taking the user to the appropriate destination


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