How do I use "Alternatively IF" or "Otherwise?"

Rules only require the following to be filled out to be complete:

  • Rule Settings
  • IF condition block
  • THEN action block

However, if your logic requires multiple courses of different actions (e.g., pause when rainy, activate when sunny), then you should consider using Alternatively IF and Otherwise branches. 

What are Alternatively IF and Otherwise branches?

These are special Rule Branches and are completely optional. They can be added by simply clicking on the + buttons on the Rule Builder screen. 


Alternatively If:

  • Typically used if different actions need to be performed based on different conditions (usually for different handling of KPI ranges (e.g., CPA < $3, CPA between $3 and $5, CPA between $5 and $8, CPA > $8)
  • You can add as many of these as you like per Rule


  • Actions to be performed when none of the conditions are met — serves to catch all other scenarios
  • Very useful when it's hard to create a "counter" rule (e.g., "sunny" vs. "not sunny")
  • You can only add one of these per Rule 

A rule that contains one IF block, two Alternatively IFs, and an Otherwise is said to have four branches. These will be numbered 1-4 moving down the page. 

If an entity meets the condition criteria of multiple branches (overlapping conditions), then only the actions configured in the highest branch will be performed on that entity. This works just like Rule Set priority does, except within the Rule itself. 

Why not just create another Rule?

Creating actions as part of an additional rule branch (instead of a new Rule altogether) has the benefit of:

  • Keeping everything together (e.g., all bid changes handled in one rule)
  • Ensuring that only one action occurs if there are overlapping conditions that are met simultaneously 

In some situations, it makes more sense to create a new Rule altogether instead of adding another branch:

  • If you want to be able to pause rule activity around specific actions (e.g., just pause the increase bid by 15% action) 
  • If you are confident there are no overlapping conditionsx



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