Release Notes

  • Users can now run website clicks objective campaigns in Instagram Story ads in Facebook ACT
  • Added the ability to support app install campaigns for Android devices on Pinterest
  • Updated field labels for ad units and campaign objecives in Twitter platform
  • Updated default date range in Pinterest ACT from 10 years to 30 days
  • Users can now load intel tags for adsets across multiple campaigns much faster
  • Fixed an error in Facebook AR where user couldn't copy ad sets with daily budget between campaigns
  • Fixed a backend bug where user couldn't link account to an advertiser in Facebook Business Manager
  • Fixed a backend bug in that allowed users to bulk edit Facebook ad sets that had already been deleted
  • Fixed a display error in Facebook AR where user was seeing ad sets in a different time zone than ACT
  • Fixed an error in Facebook where users couldn't edit ad sets without setting camapign schedule
  • Fixed an issue where self serve users couldn't see Facebook authentication error screen


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