Best Practices

Best Practices

Campaign Level

  • Set the Primary Goal as your main KPI
    • Usually the same as the campaign objective
    • Seen as CPA and Primary Goal fields in the reporting
  • Have a lifetime or daily budget cap
  • Always set start and end dates
    • Unless you know for certain this will be a long ongoing campaign
  • For conversion campaigns, set Attribution Window
    • Default is 1 day view / 28 day click


Ad Set Level

  • For Facebook, use Mobile and Desktop Newsfeed placements options
    • FB will optimize towards the best one
    • Right Hand Column placement does not perform well
  • Add in Geo’s
  • Try not to ultra-target your audience to the point where the size is too small
    • Ideal audience size is 1M
    • Anything under 100,000 is too small
  • A/B test multiple ad sets and shift budgets to whichever ones are performing the best
  • If you want to target multiple categories (ie. Interests, Behaviors, LAL, Custom Audiences), seperate them into different ad sets and test to see which one performs the best
    • Don't add them all to the same ad set
  • Custom Audiences tend to perform the best
    • If you have a relevant list, use it
    • It is also a good idea to create a Look-a-Like audience off that custom list
  • For MOST campaigns, best pricing strategy is: Optimization Goal=KPI / Billing Event=Impressions
    • Only time you do not need to use is this strategy is when you are looking to have as many impressions as possible or if you are using a custom audience
      • In that case, optimization goal=Impressions / Billing Event=Impressions
  • For FB bidding, bidding significantly higher that what you are willing to pay for the KPI is normal
    • It will never come in at the same rate as your bid and will help you win bids
    • Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter are not like this, if you bid high, you will pay high
  • For FB Conversions campaigns, always do a daily budget opposed to a lifetime budget
    • Lifetime budgets have a hard time spending in conversion campaigns
    • For all other objectives, lifetime budgets are fine


Creative Per Objective

  • Brand Awareness
    • Use Case: Promoting new products and increasing reach
    • Recommended Ad Format: Photo, Carousel, Link Click
  • Leads
    • Use Case: Getting users to sign up or provide info
    • Recommended Ad Format: Lend Gen Ad
  • Local Awareness (FB only)
    • Use Case: Targeting customers around business store locations
    • Recommended Ad Format: Link
  • Mobile App Installs
    • Use Case: Getting users to download an app
    • Recommended Ad Format: Link, App Carousel
  • Mobile App Reengagement
    • Use Case: Enticing users who already have an app to relaunch and interact with it
    • Recommended Ad Format: Link, App Carousel
  • Post Engagement
    • Use Case: Getting audience to interact with the ad - like, share, follow, comment, etc.
    • Recommended Ad Format: Photo, Video
  • Video Views
    • Use Case: Garnering views on a video, possibility linking to an external page. Can also be used to generate an audience that can be later retargeted
    • Recommended Ad Format: Video, Video Link
  • Website Clicks
    • Use Case: Having users click through to an external page for more info
    • Recommended Ad Format: Link, Carousel, Canvas
  • Website Conversions
    • Use Case: Having users click through to purchase or register
    • Recommended Ad Format: Link, Carousel, Canvas



  • If you hit ad set budgets yesterday
    • CPA > Goal CPA
      • Lower ad set budgets today and see if CPAs come down
    • CPA < Goal CPA
      • Increase ad set budget to see if CPA will remain less than goal CPA tomorrow If you did not hit ad set budgets yesterday
    • CPA > Goal CPA
      • Lower ad set budgets today and see if publisher will spend more efficiently, if not lower bids
    • CPA < Goal CPA
      • Raise bids to see if budget can be fulfilled by bidding more aggressively
  • Other factors to consider:
    • Too narrow targeting: Too narrow targeting means you have to bid much higher to reach the smaller audience. You may want to consider broadening targeting or combining separate ad sets into 1 for a wider reach.
    • Overlapping targeting: If you have overlapping targeting in 2 different ad sets, you are essentially competing with yourself for that same audience. Try to eliminate any overlap.
    • Stale creative: Users may get tired of seeing the same ad. Sometimes a creative refresh is necessary.
    • High frequency: Check the frequency metric (from Actionable Reporting) to see the average number of times your ad was shown to each user. If frequency is really high, you may want to consider refreshing your targeting.
    • Market conditions: Sometimes delivery may just fluctuate because of market conditions. If more competition to win the ad space pops up, you may all of a sudden need to bid more than you are used to.








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