NEW! Placement Targeting available for Pinterest Campaigns

Why is this important: Knowing and choosing exactly where you want to place your ads will help you develop even more tailored and relevant content which can potentially lead to better ad effectiveness for your Pinterest campaigns

You can choose from either or both placement options:

  1. Browse
  2. Search and Related Pins

Things to highlight:

  • Placement Targeting is only available at Campaign level, not Ad Group level
  • You must pick one placement option – note: you can also select both placements. Default option is set to all placements
  • You must pick at least 1 location and 1 keyword targeting for campaigns using Keyword and Related Placements
  • For rest of the placements (Browse Placement/All Placements), you MUST pick at least 1 Location AND ( 1 Interest OR 1 Keyword OR 1 Audience)


1. Will the placements in the targeting have AND permutation with the rest of the targeting specs?
Yes. The placement targeting options in the campaign will have an impact on the ad group’s targeting spec in terms of traffic incoming and should have discrete options that are applied in tandem.

2. Are the related pins for search and browse placements different in any manner?
They are correlated differently in regards to their associations with keywords, interests, and how to extrapolate the relevant term that brought the user to the pin, but the top-level answer is that without placement exclusion from browse nor search, the ads will show up in both, plus in their respective related pins.

3. Is the ad shown to the users who have the history of searching those keywords when they are simply browsing?
With search excluded, keywords that have a broad match will have ad placement inclusion. In general, though, it makes more sense for these two to work in sync with each other to empower ad visibility to associated keywords with more reach (broad & specific match).


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