Rule Set Management: Priorities

How do Priorities work?

Priorities are used only when there are multiple Rules attempting to perform different things to the same campaigns/ad sets/ads. This only works across Rule Sets. The higher priority (1 = highest) Rule Set “wins”.

Priority (1) Rule Set A -> Activate Campaign X
Priority (2) Rule Set B -> Pause Campaign X

If both A and B are true, then Campaign X will be activated.

If the Rules are in the same Rule Set, then all actions will be performed.

Rule Set A -> Rule 1 -> Activate Campaign X
Rule Set A -> Rule 2 -> Pause Campaign X

If both Rule 1 and Rule 2 evaluate to true, then Campaign X will be both activated and paused.


How do I set or change Priorities?

Rule Set Priorities automatically default to n + 1 on creation (where n = number of Rule Sets which already exist) but can be updated once the Rule Set is created by using the Choose Priorities button as shown above.

You can then simply drag and drop the Rule Sets into the desired order.


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