• Language targeting options now available for Snapchat campaigns!
  • Users can now exclude specific ad placement types under All Stories
  • Users can now include and exclude ad placement types under Publisher Stories
  • Fixed an issue in Facebook AR where data wasn't being displayed when the user filtered for o or
  • Fixed an error in Facebook ACT where users couldn't upload ads when using fb_ad_gp macros in their URL tags
  • Fixed a bug in Facebook AR where field label will change to FB Pixel Add to Cart if the user filters for Website Adds to Basket = 0 and clicks on a specific ad or ad set
  • Fixed an error in Facebook AR where users were not able to edit, pause or activate campaigns
  • Fixed a bug in Facebook ACT where user couldn't create ad sets when they selected Colleges in Additional Targeting
  • Fixed a bug in AR where the search was only returning results for users when they searched on the first tab
  • Fixed a bug in Pinterest AR where primary goal related metrics returned results "0" if the campaign primary goal was Conversions


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