Release Notes

  • Users can now create ad sets and ads directly from Snapchat AR using the Create Campaign dropdown
  • Ad Squad(s) have now been renamed to "Ad Set(s)"
  • These metrics and targeting labels in Snapchat ACT and AR have been renamed to reflect Snapchat tool's naming convention. 
  • Fixed an error where an advertiser could not access a custom audience for one account that they created and shared using another account on Facebook
  • Fixed an error in Facebook where users could not edit ad set name if ad set status was not active, pause, deleted or archived
  • Fixed a bug in Facebook where wrong creative type was being generated when the user switched between different tabs on ACT
  • Fixed a bug in Facebook AR where users could not copy an ad set within their campaign
  • Fixed a bug in Pinterest where users are now prompted to create an ad group to create a pin promotion for their campaigns
  • Fixed a bug in Facebook ACT where video name macro was not updating with the actual video name
  • Users with multiple Facebook accounts can now experience a faster account import process


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