Update: Reporting on Intel Tags has been fixed

What was the issue? Our team has identified some issues with the Intel Tags reporting, as per below:

  • Occasionally, ads were missing intel tags in the reporting even though they were properly applied
  • Some ads were showing incorrect tags in the reporting (if you were grouping reports by individual tags and looking at metrics such as spend, those would be affected).
  • Report would show multiple tags under the same category for one ad (i.e. an ad would have an Intel Tag category “Product Type” but it would show two Tags under that category such as “lotion” and “shampoo” causing a user to go back to the report to pull ad images to double check for the correct product type)

Please note intel tags creation and management were not affected – they have been working as expected.

The team identified this issue on Friday July 21st and worked diligently to fix the overall reporting. We have double checked reporting on a few advertisers and are closely monitoring this issue to ensure this doesn’t occur again.

How does this affect you and your clients?

  • We recommend you re-run your intel tag reports for any important insight you may have derived. It is possible you may see slightly different metrics now that the issue has been fixed.

Questions: Please reach out to Dave Strang at [email protected]

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please let us know how we can help with this issue.


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