Release Notes

  • Intel Tags: Browser tab updated with “Intel Tag” name when on the Intel Tags home screen
  • Intel Tags: Intel Tag Home screen search now working smoothly
  • Intel Tags: Now removes leading and training spaces within Intel Tags
  • Intel Tags: Home Screen list Filter has been updated
  • Facebook: Video posts can now be created in Facebook Creative portion of ACT
  • Facebook: The push back/edit feature for Facebook targeting groups is now working
  • Facebook: No longer face issues with Facebook uploads that use the Facebook Ad ID macro
  • Facebook: Improvements in performance when searching for ads using system image id and video image id
  • Facebook: Can now create ad sets when using certain audiences
  • Facebook: Displays conversion pixels now without issues
  • Facebook: Conversion goal remains the same when opening an existing ad set slide out
  • Pinterest: No longer have missing campaigns on the Pinterest importer
  • Pinterest: Actalike creation fixed


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