Intel Tags

What are Intel Tags?
Fully customizable tagging system to tag individual components of your ads.

With regular reporting, you’re only able to see the top performing individual image/video. With Intel tags, tag all images and videos with (example) a blue background vs a red background to find which common creative elements are trending in the top performing images. Take concrete recommendations back to your creative team.


Intel Tag Types
You can either let our system auto tag your media, add your own custom tags or use a hybrid approach.


How To Set Up Tags
Ads Creation Tool
Campaign Creation: 

  1. Go to the Facebook ACT and create a new campaign
  2. Click “Add Intel Tags” on the slide out
  3. Add an existing tag or new tag to the campaign level by clicking the blue “+”
  4. Search for your existing tag, select it and press “Apply”
  5. A tag is now applied at the campaign level


Ad Set Intel Tags: 

  1. Click anywhere on the Ad Set
  2. Click on the “Intel Tags” tab
  3. Ad a tag to the Ad Set level by clicking the “+”
  4. Select a tag
  5. Click apply
  6. Intel tags are added to the ad set level


  1. Queue up an upload
  2. Preview the ad by clicking on the eye icon
  3. If multiple ads are in the post group you can cycle through them. Click the arrow in the top right corner
  4. You can view the targeting description

Intel Tag Homescreen


  1. Search for you desired Intel Tag
  2. Select the tag by clicking on it and click “Find Ads”
  3. All ads tagged by that Intel tag are showing in the screen
  4. Click on the ad and you’ll be able to review all the tags at all levels

Actionable Reporting
Campaign Level: 

  1. Click on the “Facebook & Instagram” tab
  2. Click the individual action (gear icon) on a campaign you’re interested and select “Intel Tags” under the campaign level
  3. A slide out will appear where you can edit/add tags at the campaign level

Campaign Level - Bulk Action: 

  1. Select multiple campaigns
  2. Click on “Bulk Action”
  3. The bulk campaign slideout will appear. In the Intel tag section, it will show any common tags for these campaigns at the campaign level

Ad Set Level: 

  1. Click on “Intel Tags” under the ad set level
  2. You’ll see a slide out with all ads in that ad set. You can tag at all four levels from here.

Ad sets can be tagged in bulk too. Similar to the campaign level, under ad set click on “Intel Tags” after selecting multiple ad sets. The common tags for the selected ad sets will be shown in the slide out and you can bulk add tags.

Ad Level: 

  1. Drill down to the Ad Level
  2. Click on ”Intel Tags” at the Ad Level
  3. At the Ad level slide out, you can tag at all four levels
  4. The bulk slide out for the ad level show common tags

How To Report with Tags
Actionable Reporting

  1. Go to 'Report Builder'
  2. Click 'Reports Templates'
  3. Select 'Analyze Ad Images'
  4. Click 'Generate In New Tab'

Individual media level slideout allows for tags on that image.

Bulk slideout shows common tags and you can edit your selection right from the slideout.

Analyze Intel Tags
Intel Tags Report: 

  1. Go to 'Report Builder'
  2. Click on 'Analyze Intel Tags'
  3. Click 'Generate In New Tab'
  4. From there you can add filter or modify as you wish

Create a Report with the different ad placements: 

  1. Go to 'Report Builder'
  2. Click on 'Advanced Reporting'
  3. Select various ad previews
  4. Click 'Next'
  5. Click 'Generate In New Tab'

If you hover on an image within the report, you get a full preview.


Best Practices
Make the most of Intel Tags

  • Cross campaign insights: Use Intel Tags at scale across your campaigns to gain valuable insights.
  • Optimization: Continuously monitor Intel Tags reports and optimize based on intel tags insights to make your dollar go the furthest.
  • A|B test: While you can A|B test creative nuances to no end, you can now test other elements of a campaign as well such as targeting.
  • Levels: Keep your tags at the same level within the same campaign to avoid confusion.
  • Track: Use the home screen to confirm what tags are attached to which ads
  • Review: Always review the automated tags added to your campaigns.




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