Reach and Frequency: Updated Features

New Campaign Objectives
We now support Reach and Frequency buying for two new campaign objectives.

Reach & Frequency buying Recap: Allows advertisers to buy guaranteed, unique reach on Facebook and Instagram.

  • What is Reach? Number of unique people exposed to a advertising message over a time period. (monthly reach)
  • What is Frequency? Number of times the audience reached is exposed to the advertising message.
    • Advertisers can control their frequency throughout their campaign to reflect their marketing needs.

Reach & Frequency buying now supports Brand Awareness & Website Conversion campaigns


AdParlor Planning & Reach and Frequency buying tools
Key Benefits
There are several key benefits to using R&F buying with our updated features:

  • Flexible Provides more campaign goal options to run awareness and conversion based R&F campaigns
  • Efficient The ability to save share R&F metric drafts with clients to align on audiences and budgets efficiently
  • Control Accessing reach and frequency estimates at different budget levels provides control over performance
  • Insights Review and analyze spend requirement based on reach & frequency insights from the planning tool

Reach & Frequency planning and buying provides more informed and efficient buying options on Facebook ads for our clients.


Sample Planning Use Case

Client wants to launch a RF campaign in February with Frequency as 1 with the maximum possible reach.


Campaign Creation
Two new campaign objectives have been added to the platform:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Website Conversions


  1. Launch the create campaign from AR or from ACT
  2. Select the buying type = “Reach & Frequency”
  3. Select the desired campaign objective*
  4. Create the campaign by click the “Continue button 

Specify Targeting
Updates and limitations from Facebook for R&F targeting options:


  • Instagram placement is now added
  • RHS placement cannot be combined with Desktop, Mobile or Instagram newsfeed options


  • Cannot use Website custom audiences
  • Can use Custom Audiences (or) Partner Categories but not both

Device Targeting

  • Cannot use limit to devices connected to Wi-Fi option
  • Cannot use operating system version targeting.

User Connections

  • Cannot use Friends of Connection & Exclusion options for Pages, Apps and Events

Separate ad sets will need to be created per country if you want to target multiple countries. 


Finalize Targeting Groups
Ad Set Targeting Summary & Finalize Groups.

Review & Finalize:

  • Review the audience sizes on the targeting summary section to finalize the groups
  • Audience sizes are unique monthly users.
  • Visual displays audience size for:
    • Facebook only
    • Instagram only AND
    • Both Facebook and Instagram numbers


Ad Set In Progress
Ad Set queue to upload them to Facebook & save as drafts.

  • Reach and frequency predictions are automatically generated for the selected targeting and default advertiser page
  • Click the gear icon to modify the ad set info 

Ad Set 
Ad Set – Add ad set details to see your reach & frequency booking info.

  • Add the ad set flight window. Include the time to launch campaigns on the same day
  • Enter the desired budget
  • Choose the desired number of impressions to show per user
  • Choose the ad format to generate the accurate reach based on the creative you plan to show to your audience
  • Generate a prediction by clicking the update prediction
  • Apply changes to save the ad set for upload


  • Audience & reach minimums: 300K & 200K respectively
  • Campaigns can be launched on the same day
  • Minimum campaign duration: 1 days
  • Maximum campaign length: 90 days
  • Book 6 months in advance to lock low CPMs 

Ad Set Drafts (Planning Tool)
Ad Set – Upload ad sets after finalizing the booking info with your client.

  • Save the ad sets as drafts if you need client approval before upload
  • Drafts will not be uploaded to Facebook
  • Drafts can be accessed within ACT by selecting the campaign that they are created within 

Upload Ad Sets
Ad Set – Upload ad sets after finalizing the booking info with your client.

  • Click the create button to upload ad sets
  • Ad sets can be uploaded from ”In Progress” or the “Drafts” tabs 


Ad Upload
Ads - Upload ads for reach and frequency ad sets.

  • No changes to the ad upload step

  • Targeting and creative for the ad can be reviewed by clicking the preview icon


Advanced Reporting - New Metrics & Dimensions
Reach, Frequency, Ad Recall, and Ad Recall Rate Metrics

Advanced Reporting & Saved Reports - New Metrics:

  • The following new metrics are available at the campaign, ad set and ad levels
    • Reach
    • Frequency
    • Estimated Ad Recall Rate
    • Estimated Ad Recallers
  • Totals for the above metrics will be de-duplicated with campaigns/ad sets/ads from the same Facebook Ad account
  • These metrics are available for both Reach & Frequency and Auction Buying campaigns

 Reach & Frequency - New Dimensions:

  • Estimated Budget & Estimated Reach values are available at the Ad Set
  • These dimensions can be useful to show clients the pre-delivery and post-delivery estimates

Auction Buying - Create Ad Set
Ad Set – Redesign ad set creation and new updates


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